2016 Summer/ Fall Update

Hello again!
First off, I want to thank my heavenly Father for all the work he continues to do here in Mexico and for allowing me to be a part in His great work. We are glad to be writing to you again!  Know that we  thank God for you since you been obedient to what He has placed on your heart as you continue to support me and my lovely little wife. We love keeping you in our prayers and we hope to hear back from you to see how you are doing and if there is anything we can pray about over your family.
We hope to write to you as often as we can to keep you updated!

Blake & Maria Luisa Bedley

  1. At our 2nd Church Baptism 12 people got baptized including Louie’s Mother!!!! (Pictures Below)
  2. God is doing radical miracles in Louie’s Family.
  3. Lupita’s Birthday! (Louie’s Sister) (Pictures Below)
  4. Group from Idaho came down to bless our church
  5. Worship and Bible Study at Oasis of Hope Cancer Treatment Hospital (Picture Below)
  6. Praying about new ministry opportunities for my wife and I.  

1.- Baptisms

This summer we held our 2nd baptism this year.  It was a blessing to see that 12 of our church members made a public declaration of their faith in baptism.  This day was even more special to us because Mary ( My Mother-In-Law) surprised us by getting baptized that day. We had no idea !!!  

2. Luisa’s Family

And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”
Acts 16:31

It's been amazing to see how the Lord has been working in Luisa’s  family. We have seen a radical transformation in her mother's life. She has changed from a bitter woman to a kind and loving servant of God! There is nothing more beautiful then to hear her encourage others especially in her own family. Her family has been going through various trials and she has taken this opportunity to share with them the Peace and Love of God that surpasses all understanding. God has begun a good work in her family! Please keep them in your prayers!

3. Lupita’s Birthday

This August, Louie’s Sister “Lupita” turned 28 Years old. She was able to celebrate her birthday after the Sunday Service with our congregation. Lupita was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). She is not able to walk or see but this does not hinder her from loving God! She loves the Lord and loves being involved with the weekly Bible Studies. (Picture Below)

4. Idaho Youth Group

This summer a group of 20 High Schoolers came down from Idaho to help out at the church and reach out to the community. They were a huge blessing! They visited an orphanage, did an outreach and helped do some maintenance work at the church! Hopefully they will be able to come down again sometime soon!

5. Oasis of Hope Hospital
I had the amazing opportunity to get involved with a Local Cancer Treatment Center here in Playas. It is a christian ran facility that specializes in alternative Cancer treatment. Pastor Ryan and I were invited to lead their daily morning devotionals because there Chaplain was visiting Israel. We were there for 2 weeks leading this people in worship and through God’s word. These devotions were held in the treatment room. So throughout the whole Service, all of the patients were sitting in there chairs connected to their IV’s. It was amazing to see how much joy filled that place despite the terrible circumstances that these people were going through. Were able to witness a few patients receive christ. We also saw radical transformations in a few of the patient's health. God is really doing miraculous things in this place. We hope to continue to visit with these people and keep in contact with some of our new friends in the Lord. Please pray that the Lord would heal these broken souls! (Pics Below)

6. Praying about New Ministry Opportunities

As a few of you may know, Luisa’s  job ends November 30th of this year.  We have been constantly praying about new job opportunities for her.  Our prayers are that we would be able to work side by side together in ministry.  We have seen the Lord open and close doors in our lives, so we know that He has a plan in store. Please join us in prayer that the Lord may guide and direct us to where he wants us to be.


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