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Hello Family and Friends,
I hope you are doing well! We are once again super excited to bring another update to you about what the Lord has been doing in our family as well as here in Mexico! We are trying to be more consistent and frequent in our updates so that you can keep in constant prayer for us! We LOVE to hear back from everyone receiving these emails! So please reply if you have a chance and let us know if you are getting our newsletters!
SHORT VERSION We Moved!!  These past couple weeks have been crazy as we moved from Rosarito to Tijuana! THE END IS NEAR! Louie will finish her contract at her current workplace at the end of November. This is a blessing since she now will be more available to serve along side me in ministry! This change will cut our finances in half. Please pray the Lord will provide additional financial supporters for our missionary journey. Read below for more details. CHURCH GROWTH! The church has begun to grow! Not only in numbers but also in love! Our month…

2016 Summer/ Fall Update

Hello again! First off, I want to thank my heavenly Father for all the work he continues to do here in Mexico and for allowing me to be a part in His great work. We are glad to be writing to you again!  Know that we  thank God for you since you been obedient to what He has placed on your heart as you continue to support me and my lovely little wife. We love keeping you in our prayers and we hope to hear back from you to see how you are doing and if there is anything we can pray about over your family. We hope to write to you as often as we can to keep you updated!
Love, Blake & Maria Luisa Bedley

SHORT VERSION At our 2nd Church Baptism 12 people got baptized including Louie’s Mother!!!! (Pictures Below) God is doing radical miracles in Louie’s Family. Lupita’s Birthday! (Louie’s Sister) (Pictures Below) Group from Idaho came down to bless our church Worship and Bible Study at Oasis of Hope Cancer Treatment Hospital (Picture Below) Praying about new ministry opportunities for my wife and …