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September Praise & Prayer

Hello everyone. The month of September has been the most devastating month. It breaks our heart to see what others here in México are going through after being hit by 2 major earthquakes and hurricanes hit all around the world.  We continue to pray that the Lord may bring peace and hope to all those who are going through these hard times. We ask that you may continue to keep México in your prayers.

Last month Hurricane Lydia hit ground and made some damage in Los Cabos, México. This is a 2-hour drive from where we currently live. Many buildings were destroyed and lives were taken. We thank God for His protection. We only received a strong tropical storm and everyone was okay. The church came together to donate to those in need down in Los Cabos, MX.
After 8 months of preparation, we finally have students around. This has been such a blessing to my wife and me. Being able to serve them has been a privilege.   These 11 months are going to be challenging.  We will be able to learn from eac…

August Newsletter

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 

Hello Friends and Family!
I must say, I miss you all. I have been missing a lot of things from the U.S. recently. (Especially IN-N-OUT, and Donuts) 😋
I am also missing being close to my growing family. I still haven't met my new baby nephew Landon. But after being away from the states for almost 3 years, Mexico has become my new home and I am grateful that God has called me to this wonderful country. Every day I am learning more about the language and culture. And I know that He continues to prepare my wife and I for greater things for His Glory.

It amazes me how quickly I've picked up Spanish and all the Glory goes to God! Last month I had the privilege to translate 2 services!  I appreciate all those who normally translate every week. It is NOT an easy task! Pray that God continues to equip me to use me in this ministry.
A few weeks ago, we shared about Amelia. She is a bli…