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May Update!!

Blessing Friends and Family,                 It has been so wonderful to serve the Lord here in Mexico! Last month, we celebrated our first year of marriage and I couldn’t thank God enough for bringing my gorgeous wife in to my life. It has been an incredible blessing to be able to serve together.Thank you for sending out your prayers and please send us any prayer request that you may have! Here are some recent pictures that we took here in La Paz.

Calvary Chapel La Paz Our Church is Full -  Itfills us with so much joy to  see the congregation growing at Calvary Chapel La Paz. The Lord has been faithful to bring new members to our church. It is exciting to see them involved in all the church events! Pillars Class-  The pillars class is designed for church members to get to know the church doctrine.   The first week of May we started the 7-week class. The 7 classes are Personal Devotion, Church, Fellowship, Baptism, Giving, Evangelism, and Serving. We have had a total of 40 members of our…

New Update!

Blessing Friends and Family,                 The month of April was a busy month! But we have sure enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you for sending out your prayers.  We pray for every one of you on Tuesdays, so please send us any prayer request that you may have. 
Calvary Chapel La Paz- The Church is on Fire It’s been so good to see the unity in our church. After some changes were made, they chose to leave trouble behind, abide in the Lord and be used by Him.
Last month our church got together to pray every friday. We went before the Lord to ask for guidance in our upcoming ministries and events. It was amazing to see the members of the church to come out and join us.  It was even a bigger blessing for us to get to share and hear the needs of other brothers and sisters in Christ.   My wife and I could say that it was very much needed in our life during that time.  And we can see how gracious and loving our Heavenly Father has been to our family. 
We also had the pleasure to have our frien…