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2019 has finally arrived and this month we celebrate 5 years of serving here in Mexico! We are so joyful for all that God has done these wonderful years. I do apologize for not writing updates for the past few months, but I would like to catch you up on some things that happened last year


As many of you know last year I was praying about starting school in the Pastorship Training program here in La Paz. Well, in September of 2018 I began school. It has been such an amazing blessing to be able study the word of God, and I have learned so much. 

Part of this program is that we get to do a Biblical Analysis. We go through every book of the bible and write a paragraph analysis for every major character, place, and event in the book. This is extremely time consuming and difficult, but I have personally seen what a huge blessing it is to dig through and study deeply in the scriptures. Through this schooling I have also felt the calling to one day be a Pastor.
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