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(ENGLISH) Hey everyone we are very excited about a new project coming up this month where we will be able to use our gifts and talents that the Lord has given us by allowing us to connect with others around the city of La Paz. This project is called “Bridges.” We believe that the Lord will use this ministry to meet, connect and share with others about the love of Christ. College students are required to know a certain percentage of English in order to graduate. Bridges will be a conversational group for anyone who has the desire to learn or reinforce their English skills. We believe God will use Bridges to connect people to our young adults group & even our local church. Please pray for : - God’s will to be done in this program. That His spirit may direct us in every step of the way - That others may step up and be part of the Bridge Team. We are blessed to be working with Nestor, Jessica, Job & Jocelyn. << Keep them in your prayers since they still have other ar…


(English) We are excited to share that today we celebrate 4 years of the Lord calling me to minister here in Mexico! God has done many changes throughout these years. We are very much excited to be part of what He will continue to do this year. It is official! I have been accepted to be a student at La Huerta School of Missions and Pastoral Training. As we shared in our last letter, the Lord had placed a desire to grow deeper in His word. Throughout the last months, God had confirmed that it was time for me to take this step of faith. I believe He has incredible plans and I just need to be obedient to what He has called me do. My wife will continue to serve on the school campus and will help me with my duties around the church. She has been an amazing support. I thank God for her as she always pushes me to give my best. 6 other students have also been accepted to the school! This is going to be a great semester! All praise and Glory be to God. This month we start our second service …

Last Prayer Letter 2017

2017 has been one of the best years ministering in Mexico. I thank God for allowing me to serve alongside my lovely little wife. In January 2017, my wife and I were called to serve at La Huerta School of Missions and Pastoral Training in La Paz, Mexico. Moving down here was one of the best decisions we have made. The first 8 months were full of challenges and preparation. The 3 months after that were even more difficult, since the school was up and running; students were finally on campus. We now are ready to see them go on their first missionary practice. Some will be serving here in La Paz, others in Guadalajara, VizcaĆ­no, Ensenada, and one student will even go to Canada! It has been amazing to see how the Lord has been teaching these students. As I’ve been watching them grow, the Lord has placed a desire in my heart to know His Word in a deeper way. The past few years I have been learning many things. I have been learning the ins-and-outs of ministry. I have been learning the c…